SAPOS Jimmy JG Craig Lectures 1992-2014

DateLecturer/Venue TitleDownload
1973Prof JJ CraigThe Orthopaedic Approach to the Treatment of Cerebral Palsy
1992Prof EHW Erken
in Cape Town
The changing concepts of hip instability in cerebral palsy

1993Prof EHW Erken
in Bloemfontein
Iliopsoas transfer in cerebral palsy:
the long-term outcome
1994Dr RB Goldschmidt
in Pretoria
Hip instability in cerebral palsy
1995Dr JB Craig
in Durban
Neuromuscular scoliosis in children
1997Prof EB Hoffman
in Cape Town
Acute infections of bone and joints
in children
1998Dr A Schepers
in Bloemfontein
An approach to the treatment of
Perthes' disease
1999 Dr WJ Wade
in Pretoria
The effect and predictability of management modalities on the
functional outcome in cerebral palsy
2000 Prof JA George
in Durban
Clubfoot problems - in pursuit of solutions
2001 Dr PFB von Bormann
in Sun City
Surgery for cerebral palsy at the
Ikhwezi Lokusa School in Umtata
2002Dr LT Sparks
in Bloemfontein
Acetabular dysplasia
2003Dr MN Rasool
in Cape Town
Foot deformities with occult spinal deformities
2004Prof JP Metaizeau
in Pretoria
Obstetrical palsy
2005 Prof RG Golele
in Port Elizabeth
Orthopaedic services in needy areas
2006 Dr RG Molteno
in Durban
The evaluation of clubfoot treatment
2007 Dr MF Macnicol
in Johannesburg
Clinical & SSEP assessment of CTEV
2008Dr D Potgieter
in Cape Town
Cerebral palsy
2009Dr PD Rollinson
in Drakensberg
Bone & joint sepsis in children: reducing morbidity
2010Prof K Graham
in Port Elizabeth
Surgery to improve gait & function in CP: the first randomized controlled trial
2011 Dr JPJ Smit
in Sun City
Paediatric services for different in communities
2012 Dr S Dix Peek
In Durban
Bone and Joint Tuberculosis in ChildrenDownload Presentation
2013 Dr D Skaggs
In Sun City
Fitness in Children
2014 Dr D Thompson
In Sun City
Blounts Disease Download Presentation
2015Prof A RobertsonOsteogenesis Imperfecta: Past, Present and FutureDownload Presentation
2016Dr M EltringhamA walk along the path of clubfoot management in South Africa.
2017Prof J Du ToitCerebral Palsy Care in South Africa. AAA or Junk Status?