University of Cape Town


Elective OrthopaedicsMonday07:30-12:30Dr Dix-Peek, Dr MearsElective Orthopaedic conditionsS19021 658 5400
Trauma Hand ClinicMonday07:30-12:30Dr Dix-PeekAll hand injuriesS19021 658 5400
Fracture ClinicTuesday12:30 - 16:00Dr Dix-Peek, Dr MearsFractures and Trauma casesS19021 658 5400
Spinal Defects ClinicWednesday08:00 - 12:30Dix-PeekSpinal Dysraphism + AmputeesS19021 658 5400
Congenital Hand ClinicAlt Thursdays12:30 -16:00Dr CarterCongenital Hand DeformitiesS19021 658 5400
Fracture ClinicThursday12:30 - 16:00Dr Dix-Peek, Dr MearsFractures and Trauma casesS19021 658 5400
Adolescent ClinicThursday13:30 – 16:00Dr Dix-PeekAdolescent F/UD6021 404 4403
Spinal Deformity Clinic3rd Friday of Month07:30 - 12:00Prof DunnScoliosis and Spinal DeformityS19021 658 5400
Elective OrthopaedicsFriday07:30-12:30Dr SparksElective Orthopaedic conditionsS19021 658 5400
Cerebral Palsy ClinicFriday07:30-12:30Dr SparksCerebral PalsyS19021 658 5400
ClubFoot ClinicFriday07:30-12:30Dr Dix-Peek, Dr MearsCongenital ClubfeetMaitland Cottage Hospital021 674 2090
Outreach PaedsAlt Months07:30 - 14:00Dr Dix-PeekOutreach WorcesterWorcester
Outreach Paeds SpineAlt Months07:30 - 14:00Prof DunnOutreach WorcesterWorcester
Outreach PaedsAlt Months07:30 – 14:00Dr MearsOutreach VredendalVredendal


Elective OrthopaedicsMonday07:30-12:30Elective OrthopaedicMaitland Cottage Hospital
Elective OrthopaedicsMonday13:00 – 16:00Elective OrthopaedicMaitland Cottage Hospital
Trauma OrthopaedicsTuesday08:00 – 12:30TraumaRXH
Elective OrthopaedicsWednesday07:30-12:30Elective OrthopaedicMaitland Cottage Hospital
Elective OrthopaedicsWednesday13:00 – 16:00Elective OrthopaedicMaitland Cottage Hospital
Congenital HandAlt Wednesdays12:30 -16:00Congenital Hand DeformitiesRXH
Elective OrthopaedicsThursday07:30-12:30Elective OrthopaedicMaitland Cottage Hospital
Elective OrthopaedicsThursday13:00 – 16:00Elective OrthopaedicMaitland Cottage Hospital
Trauma OrthopaedicsThursday08:00 – 12:30Fractures and Trauma casesRXH
Spine2nd Friday of Month07:30 - 12:00Scoliosis and Spinal DeformityRXH
Elective Orthopaedics3rd Friday Of Month07:30-12:30Complex AnaestheticsRXH

Teaching / Meetings

RadiologyMonday08:00 – 09:00Weekly radiology 5th yr to PostgradsRXH Radiology
Med StudentsMonday12:00 – 13:002 MonthlyTeaching 5th yearRXH ICH
Grand Round TeachingTuesday09:30 – 12:00Elective Orthopaedic, 5th year to postgradsMaitland Cottage Hospital
Trauma OrthopaedicsTuesday15:00 – 16:00Trauma 5th, 6th years, Paediatric SurgeryRXH
POP TechniqueTuesday13:30 – 16:005th year Ortho studentsS19 RXH
Registrar TutorialsTuesday20:00 – 22:002 MonthlyDEPT GSH
Radiology reviewTuesday16:00 – 17:30Once MonthlyRXH
Spinal Defects ClinicsWednesday11:0 - 12:30Fifth, 6th year medical studentsRXH
Journal ClubWednesday16:00 – 17:30Journal ClubForresters
POP TechniqueThursday13:00 – 16:005th Ortho studentsRXH
Gait/Foot/Paeds TutThursday13:00 – 14:005th yr Med StudentsGSH
Clubfoot TeachingFriday07:30 – 10:30Registrar, Nursing, Physio, Med StudentsMaitland Cottage Hospital
Paeds MeetingFriday10:30 – 12:30Registrar Paeds CasesMaitland Cottage Hospital
Med StudentsFriday12:00 – 13:00Paeds Student TeachingGSH
Department MeetingFriday14:00 – 16:30Registrar TeachingDEPT GSH